A nature trip in the Meelva bog

The hike takes place near Räpina in the Meelva landscape protection area around and between bog ponds. In spring and autumn, you can enjoy watching hundreds of birds in the bog. All seasons are suitable for snowshoeing. We can also go on a boat hike on Lake Meelva. A boat trip saves energy and is suitable for everyone. Exciting stories by our experienced guide make any nature trip interesting, be it by boat or on snowshoes. If you go on a bog hike, unique experiences and knowledge about the diverse and amazing natural environment are guaranteed.

We can find the most suitable and exciting route and time for everyone! 

  • Hikes take place all year round.
  • The hike lasts 2–2.5 hours.
  • Minimum recommended group size is 5 people.
  • Price for an adult is 25 euros. 
  • Price for a child is 15 euros.